Network extension


Set of tools that solve tipical network analisys problems like distance matrix, service area, closest facility or minimun covering tree (see all the network analisys extension new features)


The following organizations have participated in the extension:


Version notes

New Features


Install instructions

The extension must be installed on the gvSIG version it was developed, which is indicated in the download table of the extension. This version of gvSIG must be correctly installed in the PC.

The installation steps are:

If the installation process doesn’t automatically find the folder where the correct version of the gvSIG application is installed, it has to be manually indicated. For instance, in the case of a extension for gvSIG 1.9 in Windows XP, the folder could be C:\Program Files\gvSIG 1.9

System requirements

Minimum: Pentium III / 256 MB RAM
Advisable: Pentium IV / 512 MB RAM
Operating systems: Windows - Linux




Version Binaries Notes Source Documentation


Network Extension (BN1238 ) for gvSIG 1.9



Windows EXE (4.6 MB)
Linux BIN (5.2 MB)

Source code repository

User documentation: 



Developer documentation:

Building gvSIG from SVN repository





ArcSDE Client

Now integrated in gvSIG 1.9 (view neccesary previous requirements).

Other extensions (on development)


Normalization extension


The Normalization extension for gvSIG 1.10 also works on gvSIG 1.9.

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