39. Geoprocessing

39.1. Introduction

Geoprocessing is the execution of analytical and modelling operations of geographic data for creating new information.

To access to the geoprocessing tools, go to “Tools/Geoprocessing” menu or with the shortkey in the “Toolbox”.

There are the following geoprocessing options:

  • Toolbox. To execute a geoprocess or launch a model.

  • Modeller. To create a model with the application of several geoprocesses.

  • History. All geoprocessing actions are recorded. This way, the history can be consulted, run the actions from it and making easier the repetition of processes.

  • Command line. To automatize task by creating scripts.

  • Results. It allows to the users to get the generated results in the current session.

  • Data explorer. It opens a new window with the information of the available layers and tables of the project.

  • Geoprocessing help.

  • Catch coordinates. To catch the coordinates clicking on the View. These coordinates can be used in some geoprocesses.

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