55. 3D ToolsΒΆ

55.1 Spherical 3D view

This tool allows users to create a Spherical 3D view from active 2D view. To create a Spherical 3D view it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • One 2D view active with at least one layer added.

  • Active view projection must be EPSG:4326.

  • There is not a Spherical 3D view created with the active view. There can only be one 3D view with the same type at the same time. Due to this, there can only be two 3D views (spherical and flat) associated with the same 2D view at the same time.

If all requirements are met, just do click on menu or bar button and a new Spherical 3D view will be created.

When a new 3D view is created, it takes the loaded layers in 2D to transform it into 3D layers to show it at Spherical 3D view.

The transformation of layers depends on the loading mode indicated by user. There are two loading modes available: raster and elevation. On the one hand, raster loading mode indicates that layer will be converted to raster image. All kind of supported layers by gvSIG can be converted to raster image. On the other hand, elevation loading mode indicates that layer will be converted to elevation model. Only raster layers with at least one band can be loaded as elevation. Afterwards, how to indicate loading mode with other 3D properties will be explained in this document.

An example of raster layer loaded as raster (colored layer) and as elevation (DEM) at the same time: