2. Addons Manager

2.1. Interface and behaviour

The Addons Manager is a function which allowsus to personalize gvSIG installing new addons, functional or otherwise (symbols libraries)

We can execute it from “Tools>Addons Manager”. It is accesible during the installation progress.

The “Add-on Manager” interface is divided into four parts:

  1. List of available add-ons. The plug-in name, version, and type are indicated. The verifcation check boxes allow to distiguish between available (white) or already installed add-ons (green).

  2. Information area concerning the selected plug-in (1)

  3. Area that shows the “Categories” and “Types” in which the plug-in is classified.

    When we choose a category or type from the list, a filter that runs on “1” shows only the plug-ins related to this category or type.

  4. Fast filter. Enables a filter from a text string entered by the user.

2.2. Introduction

In the add-ons list we can see several icons that we should know.

The plug-in is only valid for Linux 32 bits.

The plug-in is only valid for Linux 64 bits.

The plug-in is official

The plug -in is official and recommended for the proper functioning of gvSIG (included in the typical installation )

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