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Privacy policy

by Grupo gvSIG last modified 2011-09-28 12:45

Dear User,

  The privacy of your personal data is a priority in our corporate policy.

  The organization is aware that we operate in a global context as we consider necessary to express our approval and adherence to the Standards for the Protection of Privacy Act proposed by the 31 th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy, including: Legality, fairness, legitimacy, proportionality, quality, transparency and accountability.

GVSIG association (hereinafter GVSIG) informs you of the existence of a file of personal data where the data consist of people who contact our organization, created to manage and maintain contact with them, and whose ownership and responsibility for their treatment is held GVSIG. Also, please note that, in accordance with the provisions of Spanish legislation, personal data you provide during the navigation and use of the contact options for this purpose on this site may be incorporated into the aforementioned file, whose creation was duly notified to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection in order to respond to your request and enable the management of relations and contacts with you. We understand that we already have your consent to do so from the time you provide personal information via telephone, electronic mail, as well as for recording and processing data and sending / receiving informational communications, promotional or commercial by of GVSIG, in response to your request.

The user has detailed information on treatment, purpose and use of your data and, in general, to all the information required by the legislation on protection of personal data in various forms made available on this website on which personal data collected. The answers to questions about personal data that can be found in these documents and which are marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and failure to reply will make it impossible to continue and get to the option of registration, filing or service.

The personal data you can provide for filing of records, registration, communications, forms, contracts and agreements contained in this website will also be incorporated into the aforementioned file.

The consent given by the user for the processing of personal data is revocable. At any time, the user may exercise with respect to their data, rights of access, rectification, cancellation and, in case opposition by sending your written request along with a photocopy of your ID or any equivalent document proving your identity, to: Plaza Juan de Villarrasa, 14-5, CP 46001, Valencia (Spain). For more information, or do not want to receive e-mails can communicate at the following address: GVSIG not be able to exercise their right of cancellation in respect to any information as required by law to retain. However, apply the appropriate measures blocking the data to avoid its application to purposes other than those provided in the regulations that requires conservation.

The user-supplied data may be processed by third parties to facilitate the administrative, operational, computer, commercial, economic and fiscal organization. Also, please note that the download services and telephone / electronic lead, inevitably, automated operations and technical procedures for interconnection, transit and storage, and communications, transfers and interconnections with others, especially with platforms, networks and operators, so if you do not agree with this, please do not use this application and refrain from using the services associated with it.

GVSIG is committed to fulfilling its obligation of confidentiality and secrecy of personal data and its duty to protect them, and take the security measures required by law at all times, it could reasonably ensure their protection and prevent tampering, loss, or unauthorized access, taking into consideration the current state of technology. However, GVSIG can not fully guarantee the invulnerability of their security systems or third party, since no security measures being installed today is absolutely unwavering, so GVSIG not be liable in any way for any incidents may arise with respect to personal data as they stem from an attack or unauthorized access to their systems so that it is impossible to detect by security systems in place.

Users agree to keep the data provided to GVSIG due date, and are responsible for damages GVSIG and/or third parties may suffer as a result of the lack of accuracy, inaccuracy, lack of validity and authenticity of the data provided.

The site may contain links or references to other Web sites are not under our control and which therefore does not apply to this data protection policy. We recommend reading of the information about each website you visit. You will be solely responsible for its links to such sites.

This privacy policy may be modified at any time by GVSIG, especially to conform to current legislation and corporate codes of conduct to which the Director is attached and instructions from the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, as recommended GVSIG users to consult it regularly in order to know the modifications thereof, without prejudice to the inclusion of note of this on this website.

IMPORTANT: In case of differences or contradictions exist between the versions of the site published in English, Spanish and Valencia will prevail in any case the Spanish version.

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