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Package file: gvSIG-desktop-2.3.0-ScriptingComposerTools-1.0.0-7-testing-all-all-j1_8.gvspkg
Code name: ScriptingComposerTools
Version: 1.0.0-7
Version of gvSIG: 2.3.0
Type: Official
State: testing
Home page:
Operating system: all
Categories: Development
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Utilities that extend the scripts editor interface made in python.

Add tools like:
- Buttons to run the abeille forms designer, integrated with scripting editor.
- Automatic light syntax check for python. Syntax errors are marked in the editor
  automatically. (pytlint integration)
- On demand python syntaxt checker (pytlint integration)
- Quick search of classes, methods and functions in a module
- Code navigator panel, tree of editing module
- Search references in module, current folder a user selected folder
- list of running thread with interrupt functionality
- SVN integration (using SVNKit)
- Javadoc viewer

In the current version some tools are partially developed

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