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Geometry API access

by José Javier Badía Castelló last modified 2010-06-01 22:40

Main description of the different components used on the geometry architecture

Exists a serie of independent classes and interfaces that must be used to manage geometries. This classes are:

  • GeometryLocator: It's the library locator. It provide us the location services of the GeometryManager used by the library.
  • GeometryManager: It's the factory that provide us the access to the geometry API. From it we can register geometries, create some new, register operations... Is the access point to the object model.
  • GeometryLibrary: Is the library where we must register the GeometryManager and where carry out all the register operations both geometry types and operations.

The application give us a default implementation of the GeometryManager that, in most of the cases, it wouldn't be necessary to modify. Moreover, it will exist a default implementation of the GeometryLibrary that will register the default manager and all the included geometries on gvSIG. From everywhere on the application, we could get an instance of the GeometryManager executing the following code:

GeometryManager geometryManager = GeometryLocator.getGeometryManager(); 

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