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by José Javier Badía Castelló last modified 2010-06-01 22:40

Overview of the geometry model's documentation

This document describes the gvSIG's geometry model in version 2. It's consequency of the last model evolution (used until version 1.9). The new model tries to approach to the ISO19107 called "Geometry data model and topology", trying to be compatible with the existing code.

Moreover of some changes in the architecture, there're some changes in several classes to be similar with the ISO's specification names and the API is separated of the implementation. All the examples of this document (apart from the examples in which an object is registered) use the library's API.

The new gvSIG's geometry model introduces the following characteristics:

  • Is independent of gvSIG: the previous geometry model had dependencies with the 2D draw. It means that we couldn't have an "independent" geometry system. In the new geometry model doesn't exist any dependency with another gvSIG component.
  • Is extensible: the library offers mechanisms to the user to register his own geometries and to use them on gvSIG.

In the next section, we will introduce the new geometry model and we will show some class' diagrams to get a general idea of the model. In the next sections, we will show on detail the API with examples of all the operations that we can do with the geometries.

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