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gvSIG 1.10 Course in English - ce_1208_01

by Mario Carrera last modified 2012-08-16 14:56

Introductory course on Geographic Information Systems and gvSIG 1.10, in English, made by Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V, CSGIS Gbr and Geominds Gbr.

Course record

Author and License

Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V ( ) CSGIS Gbr ( ) Geominds Gbr ( )

Copyright: Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V


To introduce GIS and the gvSIG software in detail Welthungerhilfe has produced an all-inclusive GIS Starter Package especially designed for Welthungerhilfe project staff and its partner organisations in more than 30 countries worldwide.

A version of the package was adapted by CSGIS to be used by the gvSIG community and includes gvSIG version 1.11 as well as the actual gvSIG 1.11 user manual provided by the gvSIG Association.


The GIS Starter Package 2.0 provides all information essential to implement GIS applications in your everyday project business.

Aimed at

Those who are new to GIS will have access to all information necessary to successfully familiarise with the subject.


Advanced users of GIS, as well as GIS beginners are introduced to the gvSIG software using video tutorials, practical Welthungerhilfe demo-projects, FAQ and other tools. The package comes as a CD-ROM and includes in detail:

  • The complete gvSIG installation files
  • An installation guide
  • Comprehensive background information on GIS and gvSIG
  • Detailed description of the gvSIG user-interface and the main processes getting you started
  • 27 assisting short video tutorials to help you handling geo-data with gvSIG
  • All necessary information to organise GIS-projects, including a digital manual of gvSIG
  • About 90 minutes of video material rolling up the demo-projects from the beginning up to the final map result
  • All necessary data-files to reproduce the demo examples and the video tutorials
  • Information on technical support, consultancy services and training opportunities


If followed through thoroughly and step-by-step, the user, however inexperienced, should be able to set up a gvSIG project, saving training time in the process.

Documentation available

Documentation can be found here

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