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  1. Exercise 1: Data visualization
    1. A simple view
    2. Navigation
    3. Locate by attibute
    4. Image transparency
    5. Let's load two images for the same area, taken on different years. Add the f
  2. Exercise 2: Visual analysis
    1. Information tool
    2. Apply a legend for quick classification
    3. Using basic selection
    4. Explore the attribute table
    5. Analysis by search and filtered selection
  3. Exercise 3: Using Remote Services
    1. Using WMS services
    2. Using WFS services
    3. Using WCS services
    4. Using Catalogue web services
    5. Using Gazetteer web services
  4. Exercise 4: Editing
    1. Create a new layer
    2. Sketch your features
    3. Assign attributes to the sketched areas
    4. More editing
  5. Exercise 5: Geoprocessing
    1. Sketch of a metro line proposal
    2. Calculate a buffer around the metro line
    3. Intersect the buffer with the city blocks
  6. Exercise 6: Map authoring
    1. Create a Map document in the project
    2. Add Views to the map
    3. Add legends to the map
    4. Other map elements
    5. Publishing and printing

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