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gvSIG Community


  The gvSIG Community includes all people and entities that cooperate with each other in various areas related to the gvSIG project. These people can be users, developers, testers, translators… The gvSIG Community seeks the continuous improvement and dissemination of the gvSIG project and FOSS4G, always with a collaborative spirit.


Professional Structure of gvSIG


  The Professional Structure of the gvSIG project includes the team that performs all tasks related to the maintenance of the project. This team is responsible for maintaining the following areas in constant contact with the Community:

  • Strategy
  • Commercial
  • Architecture, Development and Publishing
  • Technical Collaborations
  • Documentation
  • Testing
  • Internationalization
  • Communities
  • Product
  • Infrastructure and Web spaces

Consult members of the gvSIG Professional Structure.


gvSIG Association


   The final objective of the “Association for the promotion of FOSS4G and the development of gvSIG", gvSIG Association, is the sustainability of the gvSIG project .
   Around democratic values and values of solidarity of the free software, the gvSIG Association promotes the development of a new business model based on cooperation and shared knowledge. Part of the benefits from these business activities will back into the gvSIG project.
  The sustainability of the gvSIG Project is based on maintaining the professional structure of gvSIG and the necessary infrastructures of the gvSIG Community.

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