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The official collaborators are who do tasks or projects (development, translation, testing, spreading...) coordinated with the gvSIG Professional Structure, with the aim to have a sure quality in the works and to revert and benefit all the gvSIG Community.

On the following links, you can obtain information about projects of collaboration, including a short description, and in some cases the links to the official websites and available downloads.

RSS Colaboraciones
Add consecutive number to table
Aplicación gvSIG con fines educativos
Community documentation
Open space to test portal documenting capabilities, in order to decide where to go regarding an open, free user registration and community driven facility to write gvSIG documentation
Copy paste geometry
Forest fire management tool for gvSIG
Forest Management Tools for gvSIG
GPS extension for gvSIG
gvSIG geoResources management extension
gvSIG Map Sheets
gvSIG SQLite provider
gvSIG Street Directory extension
gvSIG TOC Extension
This project is a gvSIG Desktop extension that provides a new implementation of the Table of Contents (TOC) associated with a view. This new TOC replaces and improves the default one that comes with gvSIG. The new TOC provided by this extension behaves in a more user-friendly way and fixes some deficiencies in the default TOC. The plan is that this extension must work for gvSIG 1.12 and higher.
It's a gvSIG extension that allows users to add legend graphics to views and layouts. It allows to add pie diagrams.
Lateral buffer and split line geoprocess
MapSeries Print Tools
gvSIG extension that allows the management of alphanumeric data in a comfortable way.
NetCDF (raster format) extension for gvSIG Desktop
The NetCDF extension gives the capability of adding NetCDF files with raster components. NetCDF is a scientific format, usually used for mutitemporal data, that can save raster as well as vector data. This extension covers only the raster portion of the feature
PostGIS raster connector for gvSIG
Raster extension for gvSIG Desktop
Select duplicated rows in table
Ubuntu Package
WMTS extension for gvSIG Desktop
The WMTS extension gives the capability of adding layers from a WMTS service, which are tiled layer of georeferenced raster remote data

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