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gvSIG Commons is devoted in its main task to build and maintain reusable components in Java. Usually they are ingredients that have been developed to fill a need in the context of gvSIG and then have evolved to the point where it can be used independently. gvSIG Commons is created as a place to collaborate and compatible gvSIG projects around the community of project developers.

The developers of gvSIG Commons make an effort to keep its components a minimal set of units covering the needs for which they were built. Besides projects gvSIG Commons try to keep their interfaces as stable as possible, so that developers who use them have the least impact possible in your code with future updates.

Is welcome to participate in anything that might interest you, at all levels. Collaborating in the code, preparing documentation, or testing processes. If you are interested in helping with any of these aspects do not hesitate to contact us

RSS Components
gvSIG Business Process Definition
OSG Virtual Planets
Traducción de Cadenas en gvSIG
Aplicación para traducción colaborativa de cadenas, utilizada para gvSIG y sus extensiones, realizada en Plone bajo licencia GPL.

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