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gvSIG Desktop

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by Mario Carrera last modified 2011-07-21 19:06

gvSIG is known for:

  • Integrating in the same view both local (files, databases) and remote data through OGC standards.
  • Being designed to be easily extendable, allowing continous application enhancement, as well as enabling the development of tailor-made solutions.
  • Being open source software, under GNU/GPL license, which allows its free use, distribution, study and improvement.
  • Being available in several languages: Spanish, English UK, English USA, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian, Russian, Chinese, Serbian, Swahili, Turkish, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Greek, Basque, Valencian, Gallego.
  • Being developed using Java, and being available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms

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