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Names of packages used in gvSIG

by Frank Sokolic last modified 2010-08-27 13:59

Describes criteria to be followed in naming java packages in the development of gvSIG

Preliminary considerations

Due to the variability and lack of unity in the names of packages used in gvSIG 1.X, it has been decided to standardize these, thereby giving the project an identity that over-rides that of the company doing the development.

Criteria to follow

When creating java packages that will be part of an official gvSIG release, or that will carry the official endorsement of the gvSIG project, the following package is appended:


No mention is made in the package of the company doing the development.

Normally, the package name org.gvsig is followed by a package name identifying the logical or functional block that it contains.

Application Conditions

These criteria will be applied to new developments to be made to gvSIG 2.0, and will be part of the official gvSIG distribution as well as for all developments financed in whole or in part by the CIT.

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