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gvSIG Desktop

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General information

by Mario Carrera last modified 2013-05-24 14:53

The main novelty of this version is its new architecture. The way gvSIG manage the data sources has been redesigned with the objective of improving the reliability as well as the modularity, benefiting the users as well as the developers.

The main differences between gvSIG 1.x and 2.x versions are explained at the webinar given in May 7th 2013, and at the presentation given at the 7th International gvSIG Conference (both in Spanish at the moment).

However this new gvSIG Desktop version includes a series of new features:

  • New installer that supports typical and custom installation.
  • Add-ons manager that allows to install new extensions and customize gvSIG from the same application.
  • Some changes in the interface of data management tools like:
    • File import/export
    • Table operations
    • New layer
  • Layer load improved
  • WMTS (Web Map Tiled Service) support
  • Raster data cache
  • Unified geoprocessing interface
  • Import symbols, making the creation of symbols libraries easy.
  • Export symbols, that allows to share complete symbols libraries with other users easily.
  • Scripting framework (languages: Jython, Groovy and Javascript).

Nevertheless it's the last version of gvSIG, it has to be taken into account that it's really a new gvSIG, so you will find that some of the gvSIG 1.12 functionalities are not included. These functionalities will be included in following and continuous updates according to their migration to the new architecture. The main functionalities that are not included are the following:

  • Georeferencing
  • Legend by proportional symbols, graduated ones, dot density, quantities by categories and by expressions.
  • Extensions: Network analysis and 3D

In the same way, there are several projects based on this new architecture that will allow to include new functionalities and improvements directly in gvSIG 2.0 in the next months.

In addition, this version is not translated completely to every language. These translations will be published in following updates, after solving some aspects in the source code.

Also it has to be taken into account that the level of stability of this new version is not as high as we would have wished, considering it a final version in order to be used by the community in an official way, and mainly to tackle the new developments on it.

For that, we encourage you to test it and send us any errors in order to fix them in the following updates. The known errors of this version can be consulted in

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