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At the root of the SVN project there should be a README.txt file that guides people who download the project on how to compile, deploy, package and translate the project into other languages. There is a template in ReST format that can be used for this purpose.

For the template you have to use the document source code. This can be accessed from the icon at the bottom of the template (more information on how to access document sources can be found here).

The following sections can be found in the template:

  • Introduction

    Include a list of the different sections that can be found in this file.

  • Version information

    Specify the following:

    • Files that must be updated every time the version number of the project needs to be updated.
    • The operations that must be performed to update the version number.
    • If the version number format or update policy of gvSIG is not followed, the format being used should be described.

    It is recommended that you read the document Interpretation of the gvSIG version number.

  • Compilation instructions

    You should include:

    • Instructions on how to configure the eclipse workspace
    • Instructions for compiling the project
    • Instructions that allow a developer to deploy it as a framework for a gvSIG plugin.

    Remember to specify whether to download and set up a workspace with gvSIG, or if the extension must be compiled as a gvSIG binary.

  • Packaging instructions

    Here you should include instructions on how to package the project, both as a separate extension, and in a gvSIG installation.

    The packaging instructions should include both the packaging process itself, such as maintaining a unique version number, and the updating of the corresponding files in the SVN in order to reflect the increase in version number (where appropriate).

    There should also be instructions for generating a tag in the version control system for the sources corresponding to this version number, detailing the naming policy to use for naming the tag.

    You must follow a well-defined policy for the name given to the binary distribution. It is essential that the binary name specifies:

    • The project.
    • The version.
    • The platform.

    If you follow a naming policy for the binary distribution that differs from that of gvSIG then this must be indicated in this section. You can view the gvSIG naming policy in the document Binary names for a gvSIG plugin.

  • Notes on internationalization

    This contains the following subsections:

    • Location of the translation strings

      Specify the location of the translation strings used by the project, as well as the languages that are available.

    • What should be done to include a new language

      Indicate what needs to done to add a new language to the strings that already exist in the project.

Change log
version description
1.1 Modified the wording of the paragraph on how obtain the template.
1.1 Extended the packaging instructions to include the maintenance of the build number and the corresponding tags in SVN.
1.2 Modified the wording of the section on Compilation instructions to make it clearer what should be included.
1.2 Minor changes to the wording of the paragraph describing tags in the section on Packaging instructions.
1.2 Rewrote the paragraph on Version information; added links to the document that describes how to interpret the version number in gvSIG.
1.2 Added a note about the necessity of a policy for naming binaries.

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