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The project creation wizard

by Mario Ignacio Fèvre last modified 2012-03-12 15:23

The gvSIG distribution includes a plugin that displays an assistant for creating development projects on gvSIG. The extension providing this wizard is disabled by default so the first thing we must do is to activate it.


To assist you in the creation of development projects you can find documentation in the Creating our project section of gvSIG's Guide for developers.

To do this, go to the gvSIG preferences panel, and in General, Extensions look for "org.gvsig.mkmvnproject.MakeMavenProjectExtension", and activate the extension. You will need to restart gvSIG to effect the change.

After restarting gvSIG you will notice that the "Tools" menu now has a "Development" sub-menu, which contains a Create new plugin option.

It is important that we supply the following information properly:

  • Project name. The name you're going to give the project, following the normal rules for a Java identifier, trying not to use underscores, and capitalising when consisting of more than one word. We will use Viewer for this example.

  • GroupId. We normally use the java package name that is used as the base in our organization. In gvSIG we use org.gvsig so that is what we will use in this example.


    The wizard produces an error when a GroupId other than org.gvsig is used. We will try to fix this soon.

  • Path where the workspace is created. Use /home/gvSIG/workspace/viewer.

Having entered this data, select the Basic plugin with spatial support option.

Click Next to run the script and wait for it to finish generating the project. This can take several minutes depending on your Internet connection and your computer.

During the process of building the project you will be asked:

  • For the path to the Eclipse workspace you want to configure. The one offered to us is usually ok.
  • If we want to specify the path to gvSIG on which to deploy the plugin. Normally the path offered to us will be valid.

The script for creating our project, in addition to generating the source code and configuring Maven for use, compiles and displays the first version of the project in the Maven local repository, and also generates the corresponding Eclipse projects so that they can be imported into our workspace.

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