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Translation with Google Translator

by Mario Carrera last modified 2012-02-08 17:44

    • Select "Traducir a" ---->English

    • At the opened window:

      • Translate the title at the right section.
      • Change the "Text Format" option to "reStructured Text".
      • At the right row, write the following text at the first line:
        • **Direct translation from Google translator**
      • Select the text at the left column (at the "Body text" box), and copy it in Google Translator.
      • Translate it from Spanish to English and copy the results to the right column at the gvSIG website, after the sentence written previously.
      • Do the following corrections in order that the format is the same than the text in Spanish:
        • Remove the spaces around the asterisks.
        • Check the spaces at the beginning of the line.
        • For every image, remove the space existing before the word "align" (the results will be ":align")
      • Press "Save".
    • Chek if there are format errors (orange boxes).

    • To correct the errors, press the "Edit" tab (upper left-hand section)
    • Check the spaces existing at the English text are the same than in Spanish. Once corrected, press Save again.
    • Finally, Spanish language must be selected (press its flag), and then "Estado"----->"Enviar". The English document won't be sent at the moment. A supervisor will chek the translation.


    • Change the language to English (press its flag).
    • Press the "Edit" tab (upper left-hand section).

    • At the opened window:
      • Check the translation of the title at the right section.
      • Check the translation of the English text at the right row, and correct it.
      • Once corrected, remove the text "**Direct translation from Google translator**" at the first line.
      • Press "Save".
    • Check if the text is good, othewise edit again.
    • Once saved the document, the "Estado" option must be changet to "Submit".


    • Finally, change to Spanish, and then press "Estado"----->"Enviar".


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