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  • The user's and developer's manuals are groups of documents.

  • The accesses to the user's documentation from the index of the manual are only links to the different documents (sections of the manual).

  • The documents mustn't be copied to another folders to translate them. To do the translation, it has to be done from the documents directly.

  • The document of the master language (the language of the first version of the document) and the document in the origin language that is going to be translated to the new one have to be retracted previously, so they won't be available for the users in that time. It's interesting that if the translation will be long, the text is translated in a text file separately and when the translation is finished, the documents of the web portal are retracted, coping the translation to the column of the new language (keeping the format of the text) and then sending the documents to publish.

  • To translate a document:
    • If it hasn't been translated to the destination language yet, the document of the origin language and the master language will have to be retracted first. Then the Translate to tab will be selected and then the destination language.
    • If it was translated previously, the documents of the origin, master and destination languages will have to be retracted. Then the destination language will be selected through the corresponding flag, and clicking the Edit command finally.
  • If the document of the origin language and the master language are rejected to do the translation to the destination language but the translation hasn't been finished, the changes can be saved in the destination language, and then only the document of the origin language and the master one must be sent to publish. The document of the destination language mustn't be sent until its finishing. Another day the translation can be continued rejecting the origin language and the master one another time.

  • The manuals of the web portal are made in reStructured text. When the translation is going to be made, there are two columns (the origin language and the destination one). First of all, the "Text format" box has to be changed to "reStructured text" (not HTML).

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