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Although there is currently no documentation related to this for version 2 of gvSIG, in general, existing documentation for gvSIG 1 should be valid. It can be found at Andami windows

Andami, in addition to providing a mechanism for loading and managing plugins, also provides an API for the management of the application's windows. Currently the MDI paradigm is used to manage windows. However, gvSIG's window manager itself can be replaced to provide other forms of display (SDI, tabs,...).

The main entities found in Andami related to windows management are:

  • MDIManagerFactory is the factory where it is recorded and from which we obtain the instance of MDIManager (made from Locator).
  • MDIManager represents the window manager registered in gvSIG. It has methods to make or close a window.
  • IWindow is the interface that must implement a JPanel to be present as a window in gvSIG.
  • WindowInfo, provides our panel through the IWindow interface and defines the characteristics of our window (title, size, type,...).

In general if we do not need fine control over our windows we can use the ShowWindow method from MDIManager to display a window from a standard JPanel swing.

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