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In gvSIG there are a number of plugins that provide the application's base functionality that have some relevance to the other plugins. These are:

  • This plugin provides gvSIG with the bulk of the generic functionality of the application, as well as basic access to vector data. It provides:

    • The concept of project and its documents.
    • The View document.
    • The Table document.
    • The Map document.
    • The basic tools for accessing the view's vector data.

    This plugin, in addition to implementing these features, provides a manager and an important locator in order to develop other plugins:

    • ApplicationManager. This is a manager that provides access to the application's other managers, as well as basic functionality for accessing the global resources of the application. This becomes the object representing the gvSIG application.
    • ApplicationLocator, which is the locator that gives us access to the manager of the application (ApplicationManager).
  • org.gvsig.editing provides the functionality for editing tabular and vector data.

  • org.gvsig.geodb adds support for accessing databases such as PostgreSQL.

  • org.gvsig.i18n.extension adds support for internationalization of the application.

  • adds support for management of CRSs.

  • org.gvsig.rastertools adds raster support to gvSIG.

  • adds support for managing add-ons.

  • adds support for registration and implementation of transformations on data.

These are some of the most important plugins in gvSIG in the sense that they provide important basic functionality necessary for other plugins to function.

Besides these plugins there are many more plugins in the gvSIG distribution that may or may not be necessary depending on what we're going to do with gvSIG.

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