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At this point we will generate a project that will allow us to see a number of gvSIG's basic features. To do this we will create a small map viewer. The requirements might be:

  • It must allow us to view a map of city blocks.
  • There must be a query tool that allows us to click on a block to show information on the parcels associated with it.
  • To customize the gvSIG splash and the background of the main window with the corporate image.
  • When starting gvSIG display the map window and enable the cadastral information tool without the user having to interact with the application.
  • Customise the "about" gvSIG to show corporate information.
  • Disabled the editing tools on the map of city blocks.
  • To prepare a plugin installation package so that users can install it using the Add-ons Manager.

To start making our project we will use the wizard to generate projects that are included in the gvSIG distribution.

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