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All construction of gvSIG build in version 2.0 has been performed with Maven. This tool has been adopted as a tool for building the project.


It would be advisable to read the documentation on Maven that exists in the gvSIG 2.0 development guide, in the "Maven" section where you will find a brief description as well as links to useful resources related to Maven.

This tool was adopted largely because of the management of dependencies that it is capable of performing, one benefit from a number of good practices that Maven gives us.

You can compile and deploy developments from the command line without being tied to a particular integrated development environment (IDE).

It is therefore important, at the very least, that you know the functioning of Maven if you intend carrying out developments on gvSIG.

In addition to Maven, ant scripts are still used for various maintenance or construction tasks as these are two complementary tools.

The project still uses and recommends Eclipse as an IDE. Several specific configuration files have been prepared to facilitate development on it, and its integration with the compilation system of gvSIG using Maven.

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