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This document is under construction.


The utilities described in this document are designed and tested on a linux system. It is very likely to work on other systems, but it is easy to require some adjustments.

Installing gvSIG is a hybrid mechanism between a native installer, dependent on the platform we are running, and a java installer. The native installer, will install the gvSIG framework, preparing everything necessary in order to start a minimalist installation. The second, the java installer, is responsible for presenting the user the different packages available for installation, and installed.

The whole system is based on plugins installation packages, bundles and how they are installed.

We find:

  • The native installer.

  • Install Packages plugins, a plugin for each package, * files *. gvspkg

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  • Set of packages, which contain several installation packages plugins, gvspks files.

  • References to package plugins files that contain gvspki Basic data of the package along with the URL from where to download this.

A distribution of gvSIG is formed by the native installer, and a package set, gvspks, which added to the minimal installation a set of features we want to be in distribution.

They are available to those who need it, the mechanisms for creating gvSIG distributions with a custom packages sets, so that packages can be included as considered appropriate, thus creating distributions gvSIG specific or customized for different sectors.

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