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Mapcontext, symbology and labelling

by Frank Sokolic last modified 2010-10-22 11:41

All code related to Mapcontext, symbology and labelling has been moved to a separate project: org.gvsig.fmap.mapcontext (libFMap_mapcontext). Those parts relating directly to mapcontext, the viewport, layers, etc. have not changed much since the previous version, except for changes required to conform to the rest of gvSIG 2.0.

The main change has been to extract the symbology and labelling API, as this API and the rest of mapcontext are a joint project between gvSIG desktop and gvSIG mobile.

The implementation of symbology and labelling now has its own project: org.gvsig.symbology. This is the implementation that is used in gvSIG desktop; gvSIG mobile has developed its own implementation.

Therefore, when a project is migrated to gvSIG 2.0 it will be affected mainly by:

  • The extraction of the symbology and labelling API. These APIs have hardly been modified. The main change is that there are now managers for obtaining, creating and registering symbols, legends and labelling strategies. The entry point for accessing these managers will be the MapContextLocator.
  • The introduction of new symbols, legends and labelling strategies. We use the previous managers to register them.
  • A few changes to the rest of mapcontext, especially those related to data access, and issues such as InfoByPoint.
  • Renamed all the starting packages with:
    • org.gvsig.fmap.mapcontext: main package of the org.gvsig.fmap.mapcontext project (libFMap_mapcontext).
    • org.gvsig.symbology: main package of the symboloy and labelling implementation project org.gvsig.symbology.

At the moment the development guide doesn't have any documentation available on this development.

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