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by Frank Sokolic last modified 2010-10-19 14:33

The old libFMap project was divided into a number of subprojects which provided the core functionality. These projects, in turn, generated various artefacts or .jar files, which also affect the dependencies that we will include in our projects.

The main projects that have emerged from the former FMap are:

  • org.gvsig.fmap.geometry (libFMap_geometries)
  • org.gvsig.fmap.dal (libFMap_dal)
  • org.gvsig.fmap.dal.file (libFMap_dalfile)
  • org.gvsig.fmap.dal.db (libFMap_daldb)
  • org.gvsig.fmap.dal.index.spatial (libFMap_dalindex)
  • org.gvsig.fmap.mapcontext (libFmap_mapcontext)
  • org.gvsig.symbology
  • org.gvsig.fmap.control (libFMap_controls)

The following section discusses some of the major changes in functionality.

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