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Distributing our project.

by Mario Ignacio Fèvre last modified 2012-03-12 15:23

direct translation from google translator*

Once we have our development can be deployed on a run that gvSIG gvSIG and see if it works. Now, normally our work not end there. Typically, we have to do to get these plugins to our users, or even before testers to verify that everything works properly.

With version 2.0 of gvSIG we developed a packaging system that allow us to distribute plugins so that users can install easily from the Add-ons Manager gvSIG (this functionality was ported a gvSIG version 1.11.0).


You can consult the documentation on how to build packages plugin for gvSIG in the section of the development guide, Generate an installation package in paragraph Generation from installation plugin .

The point is how to generate these packages with our plugins. Like with the standard installation of gvSIG had a utility to assist in the creation of our development projects, there is also a utility to generate a plugin packages already installed on gvSIG.

As we had to activate the project creation wizard from the preferences window, activate the same way this utility. We'll go gvSIG preferences panel, and in general, extensions look "", and activate the extension. Once activated we gvSIG restart to take effect changes.

When you reboot gvSIG have the option "Create plugin installation package" in the menu Tools->Development. We will use this tool to build the package Installation of our plugin.

The installation package can be generated directly distribute to our users or to have them reach gvSIG to be exposed in the repository gvSIG supplements and available to users directly from the Add-ons Manager through of the URL displayed by default.

Likewise, for when it is ready the final version of gvSIG 2.0 is expected to have a mechanism that allows to easily include these binary packages in the official distribution gvSIG so that we can have a custom installer for our plugins deliver to our customers.

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