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The 2.0.0 version of gvSIG is still under development. It is important to keep this in mind because there may be changes that could affect the development, this guide, as well as other development documentation.

The gvSIG developers guide aims to provide developers who will work with gvSIG all the information necessary to compile, edit and further develop gvSIG.

The main topics covered in the guide are:

  • Maven: One of the major changes from versions prior to 2.0.0 is the use of Maven instead of Ant. Not only the compilation and construction of projects have changed with the switch to Maven, but also their structure.
  • Create a project for gvSIG: how to create a new project, which may include libraries, extensions, etc, to develop with gvSIG.
  • Working with a project: whether it is an existing project, or a project you just created, what will be the routine tasks to be performed during development.
  • Generate installation files: what to do if we want our project to be installed on a binary gvSIG.
  • Work with the core of gvSIG: it is preferable to work on a build or an installed version of gvSIG, but if we do not have one available, or if we need to change some core functionality, we can follow the steps in this section to prepare a work space and compile the gvSIG core.
  • Coding and development standards defined by the gvSIG project.
  • Migrate projects to gvSIG 2.0: For projects that worked on a previous gvSIG version and need to be migrated to 2.0, this section describes the main issues related to the migration.

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