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In gvSIG object persistence is used, amongst other things, to save the project, symbols, etc.

In gvSIG 2.0 a new API and persistence implementation has been developed. It is compatible with Java ME CDC for use in the gvSIG Mobile project and completely replaces the previous API.

Therefore, we have to migrate all uses of persistence in our project so that they use the new API, which is available in the package of the project.

For more information about using the new persistence API, you can consult the persistence development guide.

Based on experience gained from migrating projects to date, we recommend that when migrating a project you don't rely on persistence as implemented with the old API, as it is often closely linked to the conditions leading to the earlier persistence, assumed a lot more work, besides making assumptions about the flow of persistence.

Instead we recommend that the migration of persistence be addressed as if it were being implemented for the first time, looking only at the class to be persisted, and which of its attributes to persist.

With the new API it is much easier to persist objects, since most of the time the attributes of the classes can be persisted directly, without having to manage their conversion between object and String.

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