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As happened with the logic, the presentation also will be divided into two projects, on the one hand and on the other API implementation.

  • org.gvsig.visor.swing.api
  • org.gvsig.visor.swing.impl

Similar to as with the logic in the presentation, in the draft We only have the API interfaces and abstract classes that define our API. the API of the presenting part is formed by the interface along with manager a set of abstract classes that define the public API of our components, components usually extend to swing JPanel component. These classes are interfaces and abstract because no swing model interfaces for its components. In our example, the only component that is we visual component associated with an apple, the JVisorBlockPanel, which extends from JPanel API level by adding a single method that allows us to obtain the VisorBlock logical component that is associated at any given time.

In the implementation we will find the class DefaultJVisorBlockPanel it receives in its constructor the instance of the VisorBlock to be submitted their data. In general the presentation is not a complication beyond of persons as may be handling swing. The only thing to note is that the presentation should not use anything that is not exposed in the API from our library of logic.

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