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gvSIG Desktop
gvSIG Desktop

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  • Functionalities:
    • Latest Sextante version (1.0) integrated.
    • New color palette included.
    • Some improvements in TOC usability.
    • Usability improvements in general (view maximized by default, random colors, fixed size and color in labelling, “all supported” filter at loading files, more user-friendly mouse wheel zoom, non-modal locator window, etc.).
    • Some bugfixes in Postgis driver (DB conexion simplified, server performance improved, date support, etc.).
    • Some improvements in table join and ODBC conexions.
    • Khmer and Persian translations included.
    • New versions of data access suported: WMS 1.3 and KML (latest).
    • Some improvements in raster data loading, specially for big files.
    • Some improvements in creation and printing maps (layouts).
    • Support of negative values in interval symbology.
    • Navtable: GUI and fast filters improved.
    • Authomatic legend loading from .gvl files for shapefiles.
  • Development:
    • jts library updated to 1.12 version.
    • Installers generation process automatized.
    • Use of Intalljammer and launch4j.
    • New view class API.
    • The expression field tool can be used from external plugins.

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