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gvSIG Desktop
gvSIG Desktop

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Version 1.1.2 (04-03-2008)

  • Supported file formats:
    • Read and write support for GML 3.1.1. has been added.
    • Read and write support for KML 2.1 has been added. This means vector layers can now be exported and viewed using Google Earth.
  • WFS Service:
    • Support for WFS 1.1.0 has been added.
  • Map:
    • New north symbols have been added.


Version 1.1 (21-09-2007)

  • Installation:
    • gvSIG installation includes now JAI 1.1.3
  • JCRS Extension:
    • Now integrated in the installation.
  • geoDB:
    • Now integrated in the installation.
  • Field Calculator:
    • It automatically fills table fields by calculating from values in the same table or geometry properties like area, length, etc.
  • Annotation Layer:
    • It can be generated from feature layers with any kind og geometry, not just points.
    • A new independent non-virtual layer is created and persisted as shp. The original layer is not removed from the View.
    • The table associated to the new shp file contains fields for Text, Font, Color, Height and Rotation.
    • There is a new menu option “Properties of annotation layer”, where it is possible to choose units (meters or pixels), to draw text only, etc.
    • In the “Add Layer” dialog, a new tab allows loading of Annotation layers.
    • The process can eliminate duplicated labels.
    • The annotation layer can be generated from selected features.
    • The process can eliminate overlapping labels.
  • PostGIS:
    • When exporting to PostGIS, it is possible to specify the database Schema name to save to.
  • Export to raster
    • A raster can be exported, either a complete layer or a selected area, to a TIFF file.

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