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Geometry creation

by Joaquin Jose del Cerro Murciano last modified 2010-09-06 16:14

This document explains how to create a new geometry

The GeometryManager has a method called create with two parameters (type and subtype) which is the generic method to create a new geometry. Using this method, you can create all the geometries previously registered. For example, to create a 2-dimensional point, you must execute the following code:

GeometryManager geometryManager = GeometryLocator.getGeometryManager();  
Geometry point = geometryManager.create(TYPES.POINT, SUBTYPES.GEOM2D);

The geometry returned by this method is an empty geometry. To assign a value to the geometry coordinates we must do a casting to the geometry type that we are trying to create. Next, we can fix the coordinate values using the methods that are available in the geometry type. In the next example, we will create a 2-dimensional point in the 2,4 coordinates:

Point point = (Point) geometryManager.create(TYPES.POINT, SUBTYPES.GEOM2D);

In the next sections of this document, we will comment separately the different geometry types that exist in gvSIG and, for each one, we will show examples of their creation.

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