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Plone is a content manager, CMS capable of maintaining different types of objects. Normally use 2 types of objects. On one hand the folders, which are merely containers other objects, just like the directories / folders we have in our computer. Then there are the pages these are the ones with the content. The pages support multiple text formats for writing content, we will use RestructuredText format.

When creating content within the Plone we have into account the following considerations:

  • Folders. There are 2 types of folders:

    • Folder is used for content that can not or should not be translated into other languages. They are primarily used for group images, documents generated by CASE tools, diagrams, and generally any supplementary file to the documentation textual.

      Sometimes it is necessary to be able to differentiate this type of content depending on the language, for example with the images that accompany textbooks. As already mentioned this content can not be translated so that the mechanism to have different content depending on the language to create different folders one per language.

      Folders containing pictures, diagrams, ..., and in general those that have content to be printed should be checked property excluded from the navigation. To enable this feature select properties tab and check the check exclude from nav.

    • Folders (i18n) are used to house those contained susceptible be translated into other languages ​​so that it is itself which manages Plone which is displayed at any given time. These folders have the advantage of maintaining teachers linked documents and their translations.

  • **Pages **. The pages must be written as ReStructuredText.

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  • Link. Allows link to a page or folder on or off Plone site.

  • Image. This type of document is the use to store our images.

  • Archive. It is a kind of general document that we will attach additional documents to images or textual documentation. In general we will not use this document type.


    Although using this type of content allows us to * raise * any * file * is not recommended to upload files as binary OpenOffice and Zip files. ** The website is not a system file sharing **. This type of content overload the DB content manager and to locate these documents using search the site. Minimize the use of such content.

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