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We saw very quickly how to create our project to develop a functionality to gvSIG 2.0. It is not just a gvSIG development in We can actually see that this is an orderly way to develop, separating the different layers of abstraction that can be found in development:

  • Business logic
  • User Interface
  • Integration with gvSIG

And each clearly marked as part of our API and what is implementation.

Not only provide functionality to gvSIG, if not we offer the functionality so it can be reused by other developments through a well defined API, pudiéndonos benefit other projects that have packaged functionality as a library.

In addition we will benefit from Maven mechanisms that allow us to deploy these libraries to be easily accessible to other developers.

Finally note that this way of working also allows us to deploy our plugins easily as they reduce the dependencies between plugins directly attack the libraries you need.

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