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gvSIG Desktop
gvSIG Desktop

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Pentium IV / 512 MB RAM / Graphics card compatible with OpenGL 1.5
Advisable: Pentium IV / 1 GB RAM / Graphics card compatible with OpenGL 2.0
Operating systems: Windows - Linux - Macintosh
Tested in Windows XP, Ubuntu Linux (Edgy release) and Mac OS X (on Mac Intel: Mac Book Pro and iMac 20, both “core 2 duo”). Problems have been detected in PowerPC machines.


  1. In the case Linux OS is used, the libc library installed should be version 2.4 or higher. Lower versions (for instance, in Ubuntu Dapper) will cause problems.
  2. In the case Mac OS X is used, it must be taken into account that gvSIG doesn't include so far the library to read ECW image files in this operating system. The corresponding exercises in the tutorial can be done with the TIF version of the images.


It is highly recommended to follow the steps in this manual to install a gvSIG version compatible with the 3D extension. If the 3D extension is installed on an earlier version of gvSIG, there will be incompatibility problems.

If the installation of the 3D pilot is done on a machine with gvSIG already installed, or if Java 1.5 is installed on a version of gvSIG using Java 1.4, it must be taken into account that the instalation of the new JAI ImageIO library will remove this library from any other Java installation, causing problems with previously installed versions of gvSIG. In addition, the installation of the 3D extension will be interrupted after the removal of JAI ImageIO and the process must be restarted.

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