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Geometry API access

by Joaquin Jose del Cerro Murciano last modified 2010-09-06 16:12

Main description of the different components used on the geometry architecture

.. include-document:: org.gvsig.fmap.geom/reference-links

Exists a serie of independent classes and interfaces that must be used to manage geometries. This classes are:

* GeometryLocator_: It's the library locator. It provide us the location services of the GeometryManager_ used by the library.

* GeometryManager_: It's the factory that provide us the access to the geometry API. From it we can register geometries, create some new, register operations... Is the access point to the object model.

* GeometryLibrary_: Is the library where we must register the GeometryManager_ and where carry out all the register operations both geometry types and operations.

The application give us a default implementation of the GeometryManager_ that,  in most of the cases, it wouldn't be necessary to modify. Moreover, it will exist a default implementation of the GeometryLibrary_ that will register the default manager and all the included geometries on gvSIG. From everywhere on the application, we could get an instance of the GeometryManager_ executing the following code: 

.. code-block:: java

  GeometryManager geometryManager = GeometryLocator.getGeometryManager(); 

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